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V2Ray is a nonprofit project. The source code and its release binary can be used freely (mainly) under MIT licence. If you like this project, you may buy us a cup of coffee.

Your donation has no direct connection to Project V's development and service. Our development will not be influenced by your donation. However, we will send a thank-you email for every donor. If you wish not to receive such email, please leave a note in your donation.

For any donation worth more than $50, you may choose one of the following:

  • Your name or your company log shown on our front page for one month.
  • Modify our codebase as you wish. Restrictions: No user facing functionlity changes; no documentation changes. Your change will stay for a month.

Cách thông thường


You may donate through internal Paypal transfer or credit card

Please kindly note that Paypal charges high service fee. Any donation less than 1 USD is meaningless.


Patreon is a platform for regular donations. You may use Patreon if you want to donate frequently.


For now we only receive giftcard for Amazon US. You may purchase it at Amazon.com and then send to [email protected].

Tiền điện tử

Cryptocurrency is a more reliable way for international transactions. Crypto-wallet is usually anonymous and your donation is not traceable.

Due to the anonymity natural of cryptocurrenty, please send us an email before your donation, if you want to receive the thank-you email.


Address: 3GctrB7R5sMhJ73N4AKo56Bdf9RE3RJsuM

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Bitcoin Cash

Address: 15oATKUq5mEfuzasPnsJ58TjJU5SvDJK97

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Address: 0x112ee71189704fe04cabed4aa045f4461c8c8696

View stats or QR-Code at BlockChain. You may also send the following ERC20 tokens to this address: OMG, REP, GNT, DGD


Address: EOS8Civdok4CBN3jCpsaGQijzesjKof1eyaRFuBU5mLMtWVkLsy8a


Address: LVdeH2HkCgGRs8ZEpan7fkAEEPbiJ4McoR


Address: 48kA4NyLRCWQvB7U2A77G66Z25uWbyzmoZSYjxJfrMR1J4dRFW6fWFLDn3wirAqP8ySnR4rnvoXWxfkNFhrK5ZxY1WyBqKg


Address: r439fPk8DzCf4nSxkpfodEuE2cG4KVZQHq

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Please send us an email at [email protected] if you want to donate other kind of coins.