V2Ray provides some API for remote access. These APIs are based on gRPC.

When API is enabled, V2Ray creates an outbound proxy automatically, tagged as tag. User must route all gRPC connections to this outbound.


ApiObject is used as api field in top level configuration.

  "tag": "api",
  "services": [

tag: string

The tag of the outbound proxy.

services: [ string ]

List of enabled APIs.

Supported API list


API for manipulating inbound and outbound proxies. The following functionalities are provided:

  • Add a new inbound/outbound proxy.
  • Remove an existing inbound/outbound proxy.
  • Add a new user to an inbound proxy (VMess only).
  • Remove an existing user from an inbound proxy (VMess only).


To restart internal logger. Can work with logrotate for operating log files.


Support for internal Statistics.